Admiral Strom
Admiral Strom
General Information
Real name: Strom
First Appearance: Aquaman Vol 5 #3 (November 1994)
Created by: Peter David
Martin Engeland
Affiliations: Anunnake
U.S. Navy
Abilities: Leadership
Military Protocol
Tactical Analysis

Admiral Strom is a U.S. Navy commander.


Admiral Strom once called for Aquaman to find a nuclear submarine, to prevent a large leak of radiation into the ocean. Over time, it was revealed that he secretly worked for the alien race known as the Annunake, and planned to kill Aquaman. Strom almost achieved this feat when he sent Charybdis after Aquaman, who lost his hand in battle. For a while, he kept following Aquaman, but failed to defeat him, until he was killed by his masters, who considered him useless.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Leadership
  • Military Protocol
  • Tactical Analysis
  • Seamanship


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