"The Menace of Alien Island"
General Information
Series: Aquaman
Issue Number: 4
First Published: August, 1962
Previous Issue: Aquaman #3
Next Issue: Aquaman #5


"The Menace of Alien Island"Edit

A race of aliens known as the Suvians lands their space ship in the waters near a coastal community. Aquaman and Aqualad investigate only to discover that they are in fact a race of scientifically advanced conquerors, in control of a powerful weapon. The heroes' friend, Quisp the water-sprite, appears and aids them in combatting the alien forces. It appears as if the aliens kill Quisp, but the sprite manages to survive and aids Aquaman in driving the invaders off.


"The Menace of Alien Island"Edit



  • An unnamed coastal city


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