"The Big Pull"
Aquaman Vol 1-51 Cover-1
General Information
Series: Aquaman
Issue Number: 51
First Published: June, 1970
Previous Issue: Aquaman #50
Next Issue: Aquaman #52


"The Big Pull"Edit

Searching for a way back to Earth, and Atlantis, Aquaman continues to find no answers in "The City". Even their leader figure, Brother Warnn, finds Aquaman's request incomprehensible. Aquaman elects to leave "The City", hoping to find some other civilization, one that can help him, in "The Wilderness". The very concept that anything else exists other than "The City", and "The Wilderness", is considered blasphemous to the inhabitants of "The City". Aquaman's female companion warns him against thinking such thoughts, but it is already too late. "The City" guards move in to apprehend Aquaman. The guards' weapons coat Aquaman in enervating bubbles that sap his strength, but the KIng of the Seas is able to scrape the majority of the bubbles off, by swimming through a narrow opening. Taking out one of the guards, Aquaman uses the man as a human shield, until he can swim outside "The City" limits. His female companion follows. Within "The City", a switch is flipped that sends out psychic waves of pain. The girl is immediately overwhelmed by the telepathic torment, and lapses into unconsciousness. It is all Aquaman can do to fight the pain, and swim himself, and the girl, out of range of "The City's" telepathic emitter.

In Atlantis, Mera is distraught over Aquaman's disappearance and fears that her husband has died. Aqualad tries to console her. Aquaman had been attacked by aliens, working in concert with the Ocean Master. The undersea villain had a change of heart, though, and had tried to warn Aquaman of the coming attack. He was too late, however, and it appeared that the aliens had disintegrated the monarch of Atlantis, with their hand weapons. Outside the Atlantean dome, the manta ship is sighted. Mera orders Aqualad to put the guard on alert, as she prepares to confront Aquaman's nemesis, The Black Manta, alone. Within "The Wilderness", Aquaman feels a telepathic "tug", one that eventually draws him to a pale blue sphere. The sphere is covered in intertwining structures and inhabited by a race of primitives. Aquaman's female companion is shocked to see another society existing outside of "The City". Judging the primitives to be immoral heathens engaged in sacrilegious activities, she fires upon them, nearly slaying a child. Enraged, the primitives mount an attack on Aquaman and his companion. Aquaman realizes that whatever help he may have been able to garner from these people has been forever lost, due to his companion's unprovoked attack on them. He steels himself for the fight of his life.

"The World Cannot Wait for Deadman"Edit

Caught in the hypnotic alien stare of a creature called a "Sddire", Deadman is wrenched from his home plane of existence, and hurled into another. Shaking off the ill effects of traveling between dimensions, Deadman finds himself in the presence of a beautiful young woman. The woman, it seems, is the Sddire. In Deadman's world, she appears as an alien feline creature, but in her home dimension of Dano, she is, essentially, human. The woman, Tatsinda, was abducted, by the aliens that Deadman was investigating, for her power to banish non-entities, like Deadman, into other dimensions. In this instance, she took the opportunity to "ride" Deadman back to her home dimension. Deadman demands to be sent back, but Tatsinda refuses. In short order, they are joined by Tatsinda's brother & sister, D'Ronal and Liana. The reunion is brief, however, for moments later, an immense storm begins. To escape the sudden, epic deluge, Deadman flees underground with Tatsinda and her siblings. The group makes their way down through the subterranean catacombs, until they reach Tatsinda's city. Just outside the city limits, they are attacked by two riders, atop a giant crablike creatures. The "Depth Crab", as it is called, hypnotizes the party, long enough for the riders to abduct Tatsinda. Deadman goes after her. Using the skills that once earned him the title "The World's Greatest Aerialist", Deadman avoids being hypnotized by the Depth Crab again, while taking out the two riders. In gratitude for rescuing her, Tatsinda first kisses Deadman, then sends them both back through to his home dimension.


"The Big Pull"Edit




"The World Cannot Wait for Deadman"Edit


  • Deadman
  • Alien Invaders
  • Slave Traders
  • Tatsinda (First Appearance)
  • D'Ronal
  • Liana


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