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"The Creature That Devoured Detroit!"
Aquaman Vol 1-56 Cover-1
General Information
Series: Aquaman
Issue Number: 56
First Published: April, 1971
Previous Issue: Aquaman #55
Next Issue: Aquaman #57


"The Creature That Devoured Detroit!"Edit

A state of emergency has been declared in the Motor City. Somewhere in orbit over Detroit, a mysterious satellite has been reflecting sunlight down on the city, bathing Detroit in perpetual daylight. The steady increase in heat has caused the algae growing in Lake Erie to grow at a phenomenal rate. The upsurge in growth of the microscopic flora threatens to overrun Detroit, and citywide evacuation plans are being discussed. Aquaman pays a visit to Detroit to investigate the strange phenomena. His first order of business is to look up an old friend, one Don Powers, a former police forensics scientist. Meanwhile, Detroit's own costumed vigilante, The Crusader, breaks up a car theft ring. Local authorities use cold to retard the growth of the algae, as it surges into Detroit. Aquaman garners the location of his old friend from a local policeman. Powers established his own corporation, dedicated to aiding law enforcement agencies worldwide. Powers is more than happy to see Aquaman again, proudly providing a tour of his facility. In the course of their conversation, Powers reveals that it is his company that launched the mirrored satellite, which has turned night into day in Detroit. Powers is unconcerned with the ecological damage being wrought by his satellite. Without darkness, the crime rate in Detroit has fallen by as much as 38% in some parts of the city. When Aquaman makes a move to remote detonate the satellite, Powers, with the aid of some of his scientists, put the Sea King down. While the scientists remove Aquaman's unconscious form to a nearby park, Powers sequesters himself in his private office. Accessing a hidden panel, Powers grabs his costume, revealing himself to be the Crusader.

It turns out that Powers is going blind. His failing eyesight had already forced him to abandon his late night activities as the Crusader. It was then that Powers hit upon the idea of launching the satellite, and turning night into day. Able to resume his costumed identity, Powers, as the Crusader, hoped to bring down the organizers behind the car theft rings plaguing Detroit. Aquaman's involvement, however, meant that Powers' time was short. Whether done personally, or with the assistance of the Justice League of America, Aquaman would see to the destruction of Powers' satellite. Going out on patrol one last time, Powers looked to bring in Detroit's criminal big wigs, allowing him to retire the Crusader identity in a blaze of glory. Awakening in the park, Aquaman is witness to a young girl being swept under by a wave of algae bursting out of Lake Erie. Aquaman rescues and recovers the girl. The city of Detroit officially instigates it's evacuation procedures. Aquaman makes his way back to Powers' corporate office. Along the way, he is drawn to a crowd, one that has gathered around the lifeless body of the Crusader. While leaping across rooftops, Powers' terrible eyesight failed to perceive a series of wires lining the roofs. Tripping over them, Powers fell to his death. A bystander pulls off the Crusader's mask, revealing his identity to Aquaman. The Sea King is stunned to find that not only was his old friend the Crusader, but that he has now perished. Aquaman continues on to Powers corporate office. Storming the building, Aquaman battles his way past security guards and scientists, until, at last, he gains access to the satellite control room. From there, Aquaman remote detonates the satellite, returning night to Detroit, and ending the ecological threat to the Motor City.

"The Cave of Death!"Edit

On the outskirts of an Atlantean colony, Aquagirl comes across a group of young boys, playing ball in a forbidden area. Racing to catch a loose ball, one of the youths is suddenly drawn, powerfully, towards the mouth of a cave. Acting quickly, Aquagirl is able to pull the boy free before he is drawn inside. She chastises the boys for playing in such a dangerous spot, and cautions them to avoid the "Cave of Death" in the future.


"The Creature That Devoured Detroit!"Edit



  • Michigan
    • Detroit

"The Cave of Death!"Edit



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