"The Plot to Steal the Seas"
General Information
Series: Aquaman
Issue Number: 8
First Published: April, 1963
Previous Issue: Aquaman #7
Next Issue: Aquaman #9


"The Plot to Steal the Seas"Edit

Lemur and his band of alien thieves arrive on Earth and begins stealing large volumes of water from various lakes. Aquaman and Aqualad investigate, but quickly fall prey to Lemur's attacks. Lemur announces his plans to bring the stolen water back to his home planet, Phrygia. Another alien named Syx - sympathetic to Aquaman's plight, helps him to escape, and together they travel to his home world of Phrygia to reclaim the stolen water. After several daring mishaps, the crew returns to Earth with the water, whereupon Aquaman rounds up Lemur and his gang.


"The Plot to Steal the Seas"Edit



  • Oceanus (Single Appearance)
  • Phrygia (Single Appearance)


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