Babe Squad
Babe Squad
General Information
Founder(s): Neos
Leader(s): TBA
Current Members: Candi
Former Members: TBA
Status: Active
Base of Operations: TBA

The Babe Squad is a group of female agents genetically engineered, debuted in Aquaman: Sword of Atlantis #52. They were created by Tad Williams and Shawn McManus.



The Babe Squad was created from the genetic manipulation of human DNA and marine animals, by the Neos company to serve as their agents on missions in oceans.

The Babe Squad was on one of its missions, when they arrived in a cave on the island of Ymirsheim, and find Dane Dorrance and Jimmy Lockhart under attack by the Deep Church. They restrict the attack of the henchmen on the church and escape safely to the Windward Home.

Jimmy is grateful to them for saving his life, but Candi reveals they were found by mistake and their real mission was to reach the city of Dyss.



  • Warship


  • Laser Guns



See AlsoEdit


  • During the rescue, it is noted that Dane Dorrance has shown some sexual interest in Sandi.

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