Crimson Monster
Crimson 02
General Information
Real name: Crimson Monster
First Appearance: "The Crimson Monster from the Pink Pool"
Created by: Oscar Bensol
Affiliations: None
Abilities: Can Spray Acid
Portrayed by: N/A

The Crimson Monster was a giant creature "at least" as strong as ten whales.


The Crimson Monster emerged from a strange bubbling pool of pink acid on the ocean's floor.

The Crimson Monster's front appendages are trunk-like. They serve as legs, arms and also to spray deadly acid from. When the Crimson Monster was sprayed with Octopus ink, the pink acid was neutralized. The monster changed in colour to blue and its spray was no longer harmful.

Eventually, when the Monster was defeated by Aquaman and Aqualad, it was deposited back into the pink pool. The pool itself was then neutralized and the area was again safe.


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