King Iqula
General Information
Real name: Iqula
First Appearance: Aquaman #3 (February, 1992)
Created by: Shaun McLaughlin
Ken Hooper
Affiliations: Tritonis
Abilities: Atlantean Biological Adaptation
Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Speed
Enhanced Durability
Skilled Combatant
Tactical Analysis
Master Swimmer

Iqula was the King of Tritonis.



Iqula is a warrior and king of the Atlantean city of Tritonis. Like most Tritonians, Iqula looks down his nose at his neighbors from Poseidonis, mostly because they choose to live inside a protective dome, whereas the people of Tritonis live in the open sea.

Enemy of AquamanEdit

Several years ago, Poseidonis found itself embroiled in an international incident involving the sovereign nation of Oumland. As a result of this, the Oumlandian navy bombed Poseidonis, shattering its protective dome. Lord Iqula took it upon himself to lead an entourage to Poseidonis in order to protect its citizenry from the predators of the sea. This deed was not conducted with Poseidonis' consent and it was feared that the Tritonians presence would greatly hamper the accepted Poseidonian way of life. As Iqula marched on the ruins of the city, he met with Atlantis' champion, Aquaman. Aquaman had no intention of silently relinquishing control of Poseidonis over to Iqula and the two faced each other in one-on-one combat. Aquaman defeated Iqula and the Tritonian conceded the victory and returned to Tritonis humiliated. An uneasy truce was forged between Aquaman and Iqula, and although he was willing to aid Aquaman as needed, the two would never become close.

Eventually, Iqula succeeded King Firtf and ascended the throne of Tritonis with his wife, S'Ona.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit



  • Skilled Combatant
  • Swordsman
  • Leadership
  • Tactical Analysis
  • Master Swimmer

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