KIng Thar
General Information
Real name: Thar
First Appearance: Teen Titans Spotlight #10 (May, 1987)
Created by: John Ostrander
Bill Sienckiewicz
Affiliations: Tempest
Queen Berra
Abilities: Swordsman
Portrayed by: None


Slizzath resented Thar for his having power, believing he should have it. Slizzath was denied his birthright because he dabbled in the black arts by practicing necromancy – the evocation of the dead. He was banished from the Hidden Valley but returned 20 years later with an army of undead soldiers. Fearing his brother's attack, Thar assembled an armory of weapons, specifically designed to stop Slizzath. The Idylists, however, thought Thar was going insane. The peace-loving people revolted, killing their once-beloved king. Fearing the monarchy was tainted by foul violence, the Idylists banished his now-pregnant wife, Berra, who found her way to Atlantis and gave birth to a son - who she named Garth. Before Thar died, he was able to use his magics to trap Slizzath in an other-dimensional prison. It was, however, an imperfect imprisonment. Slizzath would be able to manipulate particular spells as a means of escape.

When Garth first learned of his father he didn't get the full story, so thought his father was bad person. He would later get the full story, and discover his father had been falsely accused, and was truly a good person

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Atlantean Phisiology
  • Leadership
  • Swordsman

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