General Information
Real name: Dominick Torrez
First Appearance: Aquaman #8 (April, 2012)
Created by: Geoff Johns
Ivan Reis
Affiliations: The Others
Abilities: Forcefield Generation

Prisoner-of-War was a member of the group known as The Others. He is a victim of war who gained powers from the deaths of his comrades and hides his face because of it. He wears the Manacles of Force.


While in Siberia, as a part of the Others, Prisoner-of-War helped save a small village from an avalanche. Years later, while in a health center in Germany, Black Manta came and tried to kill Torrez, but he put on his Manacles and ran.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Forcefield Generation: After knocking his Manacles together, Prisoner-of-War is able to create a force field that can stop anything from coming in or going out.
  • Necromancy: Prisoner-of-War can see, talk to and utilise the abilities of his deceased comrades in arms. He refers to them as the Ghost Patrol.

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