Professor Brant
Professor Brant
General Information
Real name: Brant (first name unrevealed)
First Appearance: Aquaman #21 (June, 1965)
Created by: Nick Cardy
Affiliations: Aquaman
Abilities: Marine scientist
Portrayed by: None

Professor Brant, a brilliant marine scientist, is an old friend of Aquaman. His last major breakthrough was a formula for increasing the size of organic matter to gigantic proportions.


An old friend of Aquaman's, Professor Brant was a noted marine scientist. His final, and possibly, greatest invention, was the concoction of a formula that would speed up the growth cycle of living things to fantastic proportions. Brant was killed for this formula, by agents working for the Fisherman.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Marine Scientist

See AlsoEdit

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