General Information
Real name: Sky Alchesay
First Appearance: Aquaman #20 (May, 2013)
Created by: John Ostrander
Affiliations: Victorio Alchesay
The Others
Abilities: Necromancy

Sky Alchesay is a young Native American woman who can speak to the dead. She became a member of The Others and uses the Seal of Clarity.


Sky Alchesay lives in the reservations of Arizona with her grandmother and her brother. She had lived with her mother as well until she was killed by their uncle, Skinwalker. Her mother speaks to her from beyond the graves and tells her of others who will come to aid Sky in finding out the truth about her mother's murder and a dark secret about their family.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Necromancy: Sky can speak to the dead. No matter the manner of death or the ways of the spirits, she can speak and understand the dead when most others cannot.
  • Teleportation: Sky can open a portal to the ghost lands in order to move her and the Others around.
  • Shamanism: Sky has described herself as a sort of "shaman", due to her unusual ability.

See AlsoEdit

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