Suula, Goddess of the Sky
General Information
Real name: Suula
First Appearance: Atlantis Chronicles #1 (March, 1990)
Created by: Peter David
Esteban Maroto
Affiliations: Gods of Atlantis
Abilities: Divine power

Suula was the Goddess of the Sky.


In the traditions of pre-cataclysmic Atlantis, Suula was the goddess of the sky. Shalako, brother of King Orin the First of Poseidonis, was one of her priests. Orin incurred Suula's wrath when he insulted her by building a protective dome around Poseidonis, cutting the city off from the heavens, and by extension, from Suula herself. It is believed that Suula was responsible for bringing the meteor to Earth that caused the Great Deluge that ultimately sank Atlantis.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Divine Powers

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