Earth 3

This one doesn't exactly involve Aquaman but, as they're doing an Earth 2 series, I'd love to see an Earth 3 series based on the Crime Syndicate of America that shows how they became the dark reflections of the Justice League that they are. This would mean giving Barracuda a larger role as he is usually only a lower tier member.

Sea Devils

I would love to see the Sea Devils return in the New 52 and what better way to do than in its own title?


A large number of Aquaman characters haven't shown up properly or at all in the New 52, here's a few I'd like to see.

  • Tempest and Dolphin - Garth seems to have vanished, I'd like to see him appear in the New 52 at some point, he was Aquaman's first sidekick after all. If Dolphin is alive in current continuity then let her return with Garth.
  • Tula and Lorena Marquez - Either, both, I'd just like to know whether Tula is alive in new continuity and I'd love to know what is happening with Lorena.
  • Aqualad - They introduced Jackson Hyde as the new Aqualad and now he's gone, I'd have thought he would have made a return thanks to his appearances in Young Justice.
  • Qwsp - I'd love to see a New 52 version of the character, why not include the mischievous imp?
  • Deep Blue - She's Aquaman's half-sister, why not give her some more recognition?
  • Hila/Siren and Oceanus - Just as Mera is getting used to the human world, these two characters from her past show up and make her doubt herself. I think it could be a great story.
  • Ocean Master and Fisherman - Two classic Aquaman villains that should show up in the New 52, updated and a threat for the hero.


Personally I'd like to see O.G.R.E. and the Terrible Trio return. Mainly because I think both could potentially have an amazing story and each have some great characters - Huntress, Typhoon and the Supreme One for O.G.R.E. and Karla, Fisherman and Un-Thing for the Terrible Trio.

  • Maarzon and Tritonians - Two separate Atlantean tribes that evolved very differently to their Poseidonian brothers. Could be part of an Atlantean war story.
  • Sea Devils - Like I stated in the "Titles" section, I want to see the team return. I think they're great characters and could easily be allies in the Aquaman title and then get their own series.

What do you think about any of my ideas here? What would you like to see in the New 52 related to Aquaman?

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