General Information
Official name: Waterbearers
First Appearance: Brightest Day #16
Type: Weapons
Used by: Atlanteans



Waterbearers were weapons developed by the Atlanteans civilization and particularly used by the inhabitants of Xebel. They were considered the weapons of soldiers of Atlantis and resembled small handles with the power of focusing the wearers Hydrokinesis. This allowed their users to shape water and use it to create weapons.

Brightest DayEdit

Aquaman presented a pair of Waterbearers to Aqualad after he learnt of his origins. These he used to battle Siren, Black Manta and Xebel soldiers that were trying to raise their army from their prison in the Bermuda Triangle.

In Other MediaEdit

  • Kaldur'ahn makes use of Waterbearers in the animated Young Justice series.


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